About JB Rogers
Central Texas

JB Rogers landscapes are installed with only the purest organic soils available.

Upon construction, many homes have a very limited amount of nutritious soil. In fact, most only have a top coat of loam and a few bags of mulch. This soil is void of nutrients and will not ensure the health and beauty of your landscaping. We cannot stress enough the importance of amending the soil in your landscape. We tell all of our clients to invest their money into the soil, then work with the plants. Your landscape is an investment for you and your home. By installing the proper soil amendments, you can be sure that it will thrive and prosper.

The finishing touch is mulch. While mulch is the dressing that gives a finished look, it also serves many vital functions. Mulch suppresses weed growth, insulates the roots systems from heat and cold, helps the soil retain moisture and it eventually decomposes to further enrich your soil.

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